Tennis For Children

Membership has it's privileges

Making decisions as a new tennis parent can appear simple however quite a few families waste a lot of money needlessly.

Call us, email us, text us and we will help you with decisions like: when to get larger racquets, which tennis balls to use, when to get started with league play, and all kinds of other questions!

*Live-streaming services and video recording are available at select locations at additional cost

Text “VIDEO” to 678.221.4191 to opt IN to acquire access to recorded videos of your child’s lessons

only $20/month

To better serve you, ABEC offers a complete tennis and fitness program for all of our members. Every member is expected to attend at least 4 classes per month, whether it’s online or in person. In response to lesson cancelations, we encourage members to attend other local classes (as space allows) and, of course the OffCourt online workouts often scheduled at the same time as the weekly class. These OffCourt workouts complement the OnCourt training to improve the overall fitness and wellness of our members. Refunds and prorated payments will be available at the discretion of ABEC.