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The way I put it is: “They did studies. On rats.” And I like to think that is enough to make my point. But if you want a longer explanation: “The best player is.. not the winner of any given game but, among many other things, he or she who is invited by the largest number of others to play the most extensive series of games. It is for this reason, which you may not understand explicitly at the time, that you tell your children: “”It’s not whether you win or loss. It’s how you play the game!”” – JB Peterson Beyond Order Working with children is a surprisingly specific niche. Being ‘good with kids’ is one thing, but in our world one must be ‘great with kids.’ Our coaches understand that we are not just working on some sports specific technique but we have opportunity to help build better…

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2016 interview with Shaun

Interview with Shaun

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The harder I hit the ball, the harder it came back. When I displayed some ‘touch,’ the wall would respond in kind. The wall was patient enough to play with me when I was only 4 years old, and is still good enough (barely) to handle me now.

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The success rate for Bump Ups and Bump Downs depends on the child. Some children find it easier to accomplish one as opposed to the other. Because of this, I often introduce Bump Ups and Bump Downs at the same time. Obviously this follows balancing the ball on the strings, rolling the ball around without dropping it and often after introducing “Bounce – Hit.”

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In the early stages of learning to control bump ups, the child will be more interested in how many bounces they are able to obtain in total. This allows the child to count further than 1 or 2 and shows early success if even simply counting attemptsat success. As the child develops the ability to bounce the ball successively on the racquet, begin to set goals for the number of times ‘in a row’ the child can continue their control of “Bump Ups.”

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For the adult or advanced junior, assume a continental grip and be sure to make contact while keeping the racquet horizontal to the ground. This will improve backspin, continental grip comfort and eventually should improve volleys. Remember to add the arc on your “shot” like shooting a basketball so the ball has a chance to stay inside the hopper!

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as of Feb 3, 2021 Mondays: Lansdowne (Suwanee) 4:15-5:00PM (8&Under) Tuesdays:  Apalachee Farms (Dacula) starts Tues, March 2, 2021 3:45-4:15PM (6&Under) 4:15-5:00PM (8&Under) 5-6:00PM (10&Under) Ascot (Suwanee) 4:15-5:00PM (8&Under) Wednesdays: Windermere (Cumming) starts Wednesday, March 3, 2021 3:45-4:15PM (6&Under) 4:15-5:00PM (8&Under) 5-6:00PM (10&Under) Stonehaven (Lawrenceville) 4:15-5:00PM (8&Under) 5-6:00PM (14&Under) Thursdays: Ruby Forest (Suwanee) 4:15-5:00PM (10&Under) Hanover Pl (Alpharetta) 4-5:00PM (8&Under) 5-6:00PM (10&Under) 6-7:00PM (12&Under) Fridays: Three Bridges (Suwanee) 4:15-5:00PM (8&Under)

I have never felt better than after a good Yoga session. How can we help you get more comfortable doing Yoga or with general fitness or “wellness” (as Coach Geo says)? SjB