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The TRUTH is clear.

The TRUTH is clear.

Can we picture telling the truth as a flow chart or somehow imagisticly? I’m uncertain but let me have a go at it.

For the sake of this thought experiment let’s define Truth as colorless. Because if Truth is colorless then anything that is considered as non-truth will have some color associated with it.  I appreciate picturing Truth as transparent since clarity is the goal when discussing or even considering Truth. Christians believe the Truth to be God Himself. In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.. with true words. “And he decided it was good…” since the spoken word is how we manifest the world around us. Truth is good. The wages of sin, where sin is considered missing the mark of Truth, is death.

In my experiences I have found ones ability to speak Truth (and I don’t mean this in a Fake News kind of way) is directly related to their ability to manifest good things around them. When I watch movies, television, and hear stories about terrible things happening, the troubles can often be directly traced back to characters hiding the Truth or telling lies to those around them.

Speak no evil.

In this case, there is a paramount difference between hiding the Truth, which simply disallows those around you from fighting the fight with you, and lying about the Truth which, when scaled out throughout the future of the story always descends the liar and those around him into Hell.

Since Heaven is almost always expected to be a place where there is Light; where visibility allows us to see far into the beauty of existence and therefore we are not afraid of what is lurking in the darkness, we can easily define Heaven as a place of transparency and luminosity. And if Hell is the opposite of Heaven, we can collect the human stories from the past and consider Hell as the darkness which hides the creatures of evil from us which generates fear and anxiety. 

Fear and anxiety are two factors which can easily manifest themselves physically in our bodies which has been true of living creatures for millions of years. Fear and anxiety can stress your limbic systems and, to shorten the explanation, lead to misery and death. Therefore, living in darkness, where fear and anxiety are the normal state of any entity, misery and death are just around the corner. 

Almost all human Creation Myths and thousands of years of revered holy books when combined with our current understanding of psychology appear to show us that the simplicity of enlightenment points to the Truth being associated with Light and sin (falsehood or missing the mark) is considered Darkness. So along these lines I would like to colorize the scale between Truth and Falsehood. If the closer you get to Truth is viewed as a kind of Clarity, then real Truth is colorized as ‘clear.’ 

I know that clear is not a color however we can consider Truth as having a lack of Darkness and is therefore transparent. This transparency is what allows the Light to shine through to facts and actuality of Truth.

SjB ~01.2020